Setting up WordPress on localhost

Setting up WordPress on localhost

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How to set up WordPress?

WordPress site can be set up either on localhost or remote host. In this self-learning tutorial, you will learn about setting up a WordPress site on localhost.


What is localhost?

Localhost refers to the host that runs on your computer. Your website’s files are stored on your computer and served by your computer.


Setting up localhost

  1. Download and install a localhost server to set up localhost on your computer.
    E.g. XAMPP Server.
    You can download the XAMPP server from
  2. Install the server on your computer.
  3. Open the XAMPP server’s control panel and start Apache and MySQL modules.
  4. Access phpMyAdmin on your browser. http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
  5. Create a database for your website on MySQL database with phpMyAdmin.

Now, the server is ready to host your website. 


Setting up WordPress on XAMPP server

  1. Download the WordPress zipped file from
  2. Place it inside the htdocs folder of XAMPP.
  3. Unzip the file.
    When you unzip the zipped file you will get a folder with the name wordpress where WordPress core files are stored.
  4. Run your WordPress site’s path on your browser to install WordPress.
    If your site’s folder name is wordpress in htdocs folder of the XAMPP server, then the link to access your site is localhost/wordpress
  5. Connect the database you created before for the WordPress site.
  6. Enter the basic details of your site and click on Install WordPress to install the WordPress site.

You will learn remote hosting later.

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